Gathering Friends for the Homeless

About us

Gathering Friends for the Homeless supports our homeless neighbors through meals and comfort items.

Coat Day!

Today was "coat day"! We took about 20 coats with us and people were so thankful! It makes me smile to see this picture of Joey. If you've joined us for a meal, then you probably know Joey. And if you know Joey, then I know this makes you smile too.

Miss Theresa

This is Miss Theresa. She occupies a giant place in my heart. She stays at Safe to Sleep and takes the bus to her job at Wendy's. She has some knee issues and spends a great deal of time in pain, part of the reason she doesn't work longer than 5 hour shifts.

To Keep Warm

It's a peculiar thing, befriending the homeless. This is Jennie. She's amazing. We chatted yesterday about our kids and talked about God and our shared faith. She cried. We hugged. Just like friends do, not weird or strained or forced, just friends. But when we parted ways I went to my car to head home to my waiting family and warm fire. She walked to her "camp" with a few fleece blankets to keep warm.

A Hug

A gift card, a hug and an expression of gratitude for every Veteran who came through the line at breakfast. They deserve so much more.

Gathering Friends for the Homeless is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS. IRS Code: Section 501(c)3. Tax Identification Number: 35-2510338

What we do:

• Serve 5-6 meals to the homeless each week

• Feed 150-200 people each meal

• Prepare tasty main courses, sides, salads and desserts

• Pass out hygiene items, hats, gloves, socks and other necessities

• Distribute bus passes Build relationships Let people know they matter

Additionally we have many groups (businesses, churches, teams) that will take a complete meal for us or prepare and freeze main dishes.

How you can help

We need your help! It changes thir lives and yours.

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We keep an Amazon list where items can be purchased and shipped directly to our storage space.

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It's easy to get involved! Follow us on Facebook. There you will find regular updates on upcoming meals and opportunities to get involved. Check out all our beautiful stories.

Friend Us On Facebook

Donate and/or Volunteer

Sign up to help serve or prepare meals through our FB page. Also, donations can be dropped at Kaleidoscope or Choice Escrow.

Sign up for our Street Outreach

Map of our activity locations & times

Buy A Bus Pass for our Friends

Buy passes at Walgreens on Kansas & Kearney or at Battlefield & Campbell. Passes are sold at the CU Transit office, OTC and MSU Bursar’s Office. Drop off bus passes at Kaleidoscope attention: Whitney.

Adult Daily Pass: $3.75 Adult 7-Day Pass: $13.00


Our friends & Gatherers

Join us for a meal or two and get to know us!

Donations can be dropped at Kaleidoscope (1430 E Sunshine St).

We need and always accept:

• Bus Passes

•Bottled Water

• Snack Bars (must be soft)

• Toiletries

• Socks

•Ingredients Needed for Meals


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